November 21, 2010

I Finished Something!!

Oh look, I found my blog. After several botched attempts, I even managed to sign in.

I finished something today. It feels so very good! When life is difficult, I lose my ability to create. Therefore, I stop sewing, knitting and anything else that might be good for me. Currently, I'm not even running. (there was a strange injury one day...but that's another story).

So, I consider it a triumph that I picked up my fabulous green sweater "Bonnie" from the Twist Collective and sewed it together the other day. The collar was even faster than I thought to knit and VWALAA! It is done.
Bonnie by Fiona EllisThis is the pattern picture--not mine. Though mine looks shockingly similar. I wish that I had great pictures, but I haven't even blocked it yet. I did wear it all day though. Mission Falls Yarn is gushy and quishy and soft--I love it!!