February 27, 2009

Something is Waiting in the Wings...

I have not dropped off the face of the earth as my blog would look like. I have been working on product development for Snarl Design!! I have an exciting project I am developing and will be out in the world by the end of next week. (nothing like making a deadline public) It is exciting & scary for me as it branches out of yarn into...something else.

February 4, 2009


Where does inspiration come from? I suppose it is different for everyone. I recently read a post from one of my fav. bloggers/designers and she posted pictures about her inspiration. It got me thinking. Where do I get my inspiration? Right now, in the dead of winter, I have NO inspiration. I am stressed about a non-fiber issue in my life. Stress is a killer of inspiration. It also kills momentum & energy. I find my body reacts to stress rather strongly. Even if I would say that I am not stressed, I find that I have no energy, no concentration & no inspiration to create things. I can therefore deduce that I am stressed. I think this is called, "Listening to Your Body". Something I have spent my life avoiding & am now trying to learn.

If I can pinpoint what kills my inspiration, I should be able to figure out what feeds my inspiration.

A clean kitchen inspires me to cook. Would empty Bobbins inspire me to spin?
Beautiful fiber? Maybe I should put my fiber out where I can see it?
Dye some fresh colorways. Freshly dyed fiber screams to be spun! My current dyed fiber is not inspiring. Overdying would be a fun experiement and definetly inspiring.
Color boards. I love them. Maybe I should rifle through my fabric collection?

I feel creative juices just writing about all this. First, I will do all I can to end the stressful non-fibery problem in my life. Then, clean the kitchen. I might even dye today! Or colorboards...which one? Who knows!